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The idea for the name of this blog came from a blog I ran across entitled “My Sacrificed Soul Agonies”. I find it sad that a young person would feel so downtrodden so early in life. I have many reasons to rejoice—one of which is that I am a child of God—don’t deserve it, but rejoice in it. I hope to share that rejoicing with one soul at a time.

There is much pain and poverty in this world. All the suffering cannot be relieved but like the little boy in the starfish story I can make a difference to this one. I see no need to throw up my hands and say, “There are just too many to help. There’s nothing I can do. It won’t make any difference.” As you will see from the stories and pictures, it makes a difference to these little ones. On these pages you’ll see many to whom it makes a difference especially in Honduras. We moved here last year. You can help make a difference, too, if you believe.