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Hi there Lowell!

This is quite an educating and yet amusing entry, and boy can I relate to these Nigerian men! I came from Vietnam at 13 and had a lot to adapt to at first. My first days at school I was pointing at everything with my middle finger. Eventually a friend was nice enough to point it out to me. How horrifying is that! 13 years later, I have pretty much evolved into an American, but my mother still points with the middle finger! *lol*

A belated welcome to the USA! Isn't that funny that such a little thing like which finger to point with can be such a big deal? Glad you learned better.
I just recently watched two different shows about Vietnam. One was about these old guys traveling through the country on motorcycles, the other was about some teenagers who traveled there to visit churches. Its a beautiful country but I understand why you left. I wish you the best here in the good ole USA.

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